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Animated Gifs by Deb Wong
Created with Adobe Photoshop and Animagic

Animated Gifs for websites and Fun


Created for a business whose website I made.


I created this for the "Your Brass" instrument repair website.

Made these for my "My Cat's Butt" page, with photos of my cat Marty.



Made this from a drawing I did of a friend who worked for Royal Mail in Scotland.



I created this chicken laying an egg,
when I couldn't find one anywhere on the 'net.

This was on a website that I did for a local restaurant.

I created this one for a red-egg ginger party page, for Mike's cousin's daughter, in 2004.


The one below was created for Mike's Aunt Betty's memorial, where we threw rose petals into the water.

Made this for Shoreline Shoe Repair

These went with my "Desmond Comics" website.