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This is an archive of the website for the Coastal Arts League of Half Moon Bay, for historical purposes. To reach the current website for the Coastal Arts League, please go here:

Coastal Arts League

Paintings . Sculpture . Pottery . Jewelry . Weaving . Carvings .
Drawings . Etchings . Prints . Photography


December 9, 2016-January 8, 2017

Many thanks to these volunteers who helped with the exhibit: Catherine Boutell . Susana Van Bezooijen . Emily De Martini . Gail Dennis . Thomas Goodson .
Barbara Grauke . Sue Hatfield . Pat Keefe . Kirsten Klagenberg . Stephanie Lyons . Denis Rauchman . Linda Rutherford . Maury Walcott . and . Greta Waterman

Exhibiting Artists:


Kris Beckman

Judy Bingman

Sue Bolton

Catherine Boutell

Janice Briones Weers

Lorraine Capparell

Jeanne Carbone

Jennifer Clark

Victoria Cormack

Cyra Cowen

Dave Cresson

Ken Cunningham

Patricia Daily

Anna Davidson

Gail Dennis

Patricia Dennis

Claire Erlin

Denise Howard

Gary Frink

Hansa George

Thomas Goodson

Sue Hatfield


ShaRon Haugen

Marge E.Healy

Beatrice Hogg

Kim Hussey

Martha Irwin

Josie Johansen-Zingapan

Susan Marie Johnson

Linda Jordan

Jeff Klagenberg

Kirsten Klagenberg

Marie La Prade

Barbara Lambert

Barbara Lewicki

Stephanie Lyons

Susan MacInnes

Melissa E. Manson

Randie Marlow

Laura McHugh

Nina Miller

Paul Minoletti

Mark Monsarrat
Diane Lee Moomey



Christine Ohtani-Chang

Denis Rauchman

Randall Reid

Steve Renwick

Chris Ridgway

Sean Riordan

Mary Rogren

Paul Rubas

Linda Rutherford

Jeanette Sacco Belli

Eric Shapira

Judy Shintani

Bonnie Smith

Magrit Stamm

Nancy Struck

Terry L. Taylor

Susana Van Bezooijen

Susan Vandiver

Barbara Von Glahn

Maury Walcott

Sharon Ward

Greta Waterman

Arabella Decker

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Coastal Arts League

Zaballa Square
300 Main Street, Suite 6
Half Moon Bay, CA. 94019
+1 650.726.6335


  • Sunday: 12-5 PM
  • Monday: 12-5 PM
  • Tuesday: CALL AHEAD
  • Wednesday: CALL AHEAD
  • Thursday: 12-5 PM
  • Friday: 12-5 PM
  • Saturday: 12-5 PM
  • Easter, Christmas and New Years Day: CLOSED

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Supporting the arts and artists since 1979, CAL's objective is to develop and support creative artistic talent in the Coastside Community, by encouraging, teaching and showcasing the talent of Coastside artists and art groups.

Monthly exhibitions at CAL may be the work of individual artists, or other regional art organizations.

The Coastal Arts League (CAL) is a non-profit corporation located on the San Mateo coast of Northern California. The Coastal Arts League is operated by volunteers committed to the arts.

Among CAL's projects is a venue for artwork shown by artists from around the world. For more information about The Coastal Arts League, please visit this link: