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David Quimby Baney and Family




Another child, Forrest, was born in 1910; he died around the age of 3.

Sarah with her two youngest children.



David Quimby Baney was theeldest son of William Baney and Ruth Moyer. He was born on April 23, 1857 in Marion County, Ohio. He died March 23, 1934 in Payette, Idaho, and is buried in Park View Cemetery, New Plymouth, Idaho.

David married Sarah Mae Waite (born July 20, 1870 Cass County, Indiana - died November 9, 1939 Los Angeles, California - burial in Inglewood Cemetery, Inglewood, California).

To this marriage were born 13 Children.

In September 1874, the family moved from Prospect, Ohio to a farm owned by William Heddleson, west of Gilead, Indiana. In the spring of 1875 they moved on the farm he purchased one and a half miles northeast of Gilead.

Living in a log cabin they fell the timber on the land, and two years later (1878) built a large 13 room home. The woodwork throughout the house was finished in yellow poplar or tulip tree wood.

David became a school teacher, and taught the McGuffy Readers. The family moved to Cando, North Dakota in 1897 or 98 and then to Idaho 1916 or 1917. 

BURIED in the Parkview Cemetery, b. 4-23-1857, d. 3/23/1934, bur. 3/31/1934, Sec-3, Row-9, Block-36, Lot-6, Sp #A

Payette County, Idaho 


Lee Roy Baney - born 1886, died 1964, married Etta Bethel (died 1967) no children

Rosena Clo Baney - born 1887, died ? , married C. Kesler Doss ... children: 2 girls and 3 boys residence San Francisco, California

Myrtle Edith Baney - born 1889, died 1919 buried in Cuba, married Edwin Kesler (brother to Doss)... child 1 boy

Olive May Baney - born 1891, died 1935, married Charles Kinley, children: 2 girls and 1 boy

Lyda Faye Baney - born 1892, married Fred White, children: 1 girl and 2 boys, residence Boise, Idaho

Daniel Claude Baney - born 1895, died ? , married Dagny Mohler, children: 1 girl & 3 boys, residence Santa Rosa, California

Edna Marian Baney - born 1897, died 1898

Ruth Ann Baney (twin) - born 1899, died ?, married P.O. Spitzer, children: 4 girls & 1 boy (Buffalo, New York) residence Lynwood,CA

Rachel Fern Baney (twin) - born 1899, died?, married Max Henry, children: 4 girls and 2 boys, residence Jerone, Idaho

Bessie Gertrude Baney - born 1901, died ?, married Russell Humphreys, children: 3 girls, residence Idaho Falls, Idaho, school teacher and later principal, 1961 chairman of State for the Business and Professional Women Society

Dorothy Leah Baney - born 1903, died?, married Orville Bayer, child: 1 girl, residence South San Gabriel, California, daughter is a teacher in public schools.

Eva Ester Baney - born 1906, died 1963, married Joe Kooiman, child 1 girl Faith Ann

Francis Waite Baney - born 1909, died 1935, married Arlo Hagler, children: 4 boys - Louis Arlo, Darryl Lee, Robert Barlow, and David, residence Pico Rivera, California