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Born: Aug. 16, 1756
Anson County
North Carolina, USA


Died: Aug. 2, 1842, Pike County
Georgia, USA

Samuel Harrison Bowen Sr was our 5th great-grandfather. He married Sarah Elizabeth Lee in 1777. Their were 10 Children from this marriage:

1. Stephen Samuel Bowen 1802-1899
2. Joseph Bowen 1778-1850
3. Eunice Bowen 1783-1870
4. Male Bowen 1784-1790
5. Dickson Bowen 1791-1879
6. Seth Bowen 1796-1882
7. Samuel H, Jr 1798
8. Male Bowen 1800-1810
9. Elizabeth Bowen 1829-before 1830
10. Lindsey D Bowen 1834-1862

Samuel was the son of Joesph Bowen who was born in New Jersey, USA. Joseph was the son of Clifton and Elizabeth Harris Bowen.

After the death of Sarah, he married Nancy Freeman 17 March 1835 in Pike County, Georgia. From this marriage, 8 children were born, 5 boys and 3 girls:

1. William Bowen
2. Elizabeth Bowen
3. Mary Bowen
4. Green Bowen
5. Lucy Bowen
6. James Bowen
7. Thomas Bowen
8. Unknown Bowen

Samuel had 18 children from his two marriages.

Source: "THE GEORGIA GENEALOGICAL MAGAZINE" No 5, July, 1962 p 285-286. Respository: Clayton Genealogical Library, Houston, Texas. Researcher: J Manen Houston, Texas

CAPT SAMUEL BOWEN OF Elbert County: Revolutionary War Pension:

His declaration to obtain pension was made in Elbert County, GA on Jan 21, 1833, before the Justices of the Interior Court, at which time he deposed under oath and said: Deponent was 76 years old; that he entered the service as a volunteer in August, 1779, as a private under Capt Nathan Clifton in the regiment commanded by Col John Little, for a term of nine months, after which he was discharged; at the time of enlisting he was a resident of Montgomery County (formerly Anson) in North Carolina, and that he enlisted at Salisbury, NC hence to Charleston SC and was with the American Army at that place when it was beseiged by the British in the spring of 1780 and was there surrendered as a prisoner of war. Shortly after he broke from his imprisonment and returned to his home in North Carolina.

Affiant also stated he entered the service of the United States as a Captain of militia light-horse in the regiment commanded by Col George Davidson and Col William Lofton in 1781, and after serving eight months was discharged; that when he entered on this term of service he was residing in Montomery County, and joined at Montgomery Court-house, NC. From thence "in different directions throughtout the adjoining country til he arrived at Deep River, NC....and at that place fought the Tories commanded by Col Fanning, where he received a wound in his arm; two days afterwards he again fought the Tories commanded by their Col Elrod, when he received a wound in his leg; from thence to Drowning Creek in Anson County in the year aforesaid, at that place fought the Tories commanded by one McLendon; from thence went into the neighborhood of his residence and remained there until discharged from service."

Affiant stated he was born in Montgomery (formerly Anson) County, North Carolina, August 16, 1756, and that there was a record of his birth but does not know where it is now. He has lived since the War in Montgomery, North Carolina, until 1796 when he moved to York District, South Carolina, where he lived until 1811, when he moved to Wilkes County, Georgia. He lived in Wilkes until 1826 when he moved to Elbert County where he has since resided.

His application was signed by his mark, and was approved April 22, 1833 and he was enrolled to receive $230.00 annually to date from March 4, 1831.

Mrs Nancy Bowen, widow of pensioner, made her declaration to obtain a widow's pension, in the Superior Court of Pike County, Georgia, April 4, 1854. She testified that she was 52 years old; and that her husband, Capt Samuel Bowen, died in Pike County, Georgia, August 2, 1843, age 87 years.

Son of Joseph Bowen and Nancy Roberts. Source DAR Genealogical Resources.

Ancestor #: A012729
Pension Number:
Service Source:
S*W12321; BLWT #26672-160-55




George Washington Darden Jr was our 5th great grandfather. He was born in Brunswick County, Virginia January 21, 1763, to George Washington Darden, Sr.(1704-1807), and Martha Burch (1743-1844). . He moved to Wilkes County, Georgia and served with a militia there.  His second service was with a militia in the settlement of Long Canes in the 96th Dist of South Carolina.

George married Elizabeth Strozier (1766-1842), on July 30, 1783.

George Darden Jr. enlisted in Wilkes County, Georgia, the latter part of 1779, and served about 20 days as a Private, in Captian Cunningham's company, Colonel John Dooley's regiment, and was in an engagement with the Cherokee Indians. He enlisted in the "Settlement of Long Cane" in South Carolina, April 1, 1779, served four months in Captain Jim Cowan's company, Colonel; Andrew Pickens' Southern Carolina Regiment, and was in the "Battle of Stono" He enlisted September 1, 1779, served Captain John Cowan's company, marched to Savannah, and was in the siege there under Col. John Dooley, and was discharged December 25, 1779.

George and Elizabeth had 11 children: Rebecca (1786-1852), Burch (1787-1875), Elizabeth Betsy (1788-1848), Lemuel Thomas (1790-1826),  Mary Polly (1793-1861), Samuel (1795-1872),  our 4th great-grandmother Margaret Peggy (1800-1835),  William David (1803-1879),  Simeon (1804-1881), Joseph Peter (1806-1867), and James Lanier (1809-1876).  He and his family moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama after the Revolution.  He filed for a pension. The pension number is S16757. He died in Tuscaloosa, Alabama 30 May 1844. George is buried in a marked grave in the Darden Cemetery in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  His grave bears a DAR marker.

REF: Knight, Lucien Lamar. Georgia's Roster of the Revolution, 1920 

DARDEN, GEORGE, SR. Certificate of Col. E. Clarke, 20th April, 1784, that he was a refugee soldier. 
Entitled to 287 1/2 acres, and prays for same in Washington, Ga. 
DARDEN, GEORGE Certificate of Col. E. Clarke, 20th April, 1784, that he was a refugee soldier. 
Entitled to Bounty, and prays for 287 1/2 acres in Washington Co. Page 379
Certified List, Georgia Troops Darden, George Sr. Darden, George Jr.
George W. Darden Jr Gravesite    

JEREMIAH LUMSDEN, our 7th great-grandfather
, was born on September 18, 1753 in William Co., VA, and died January 18, 1837 in Jasper Co., GA.

He married ELIZABETH BELCHER 1788 in Virginia. She was born November 02, 1757, and died February 17, 1845 in Jasper Co., GA.

He is buried in Lumsden Cemetery on Hwy 142 between Kelly and Shady Dale, GA.

Jeremiah served as a private in the Virginia troups during the Revolutionary War.

He was admitted on trial in the South Georgia Methodist Conference as a Methodist minister.

He served several curcuits before settling in Jasper County, GA.

(Go here for Elizabeth Belcher Lumsden's Find-A-Grave Memorial).

Jeremiah Lumsden's grave   Elizabeth Lumsden's grave




William C. Pyron was born to James Pyron and Mary Bell in Hanover, Virginia, in 1756. His father died when he was one year old.

Married to Mary Jane Powell in 1785 in Meckinberg, NC, William first entered the service in Caswell Count, NC in the Spring of 1778, and was under the command of Captain Robert Moore and Colonel Archibald Lytle. During this initial enlistment, they marched into the State of Virginia and returned
back home after two or three weeks, he was then furloughed for a short period of time.
Later in the year of 1778, after his furlough had expired, Private Pyron was marched into the State of South Carolina, where they joined the Main Army under General Benjamin Lincoln at Purrysburg. This period of service as a Continental Soldier lasted approximately 9 months. He was engaged in the "Battle of Stono Ferry", where he was wounded and hospitalized until the end of his enlistment. . After his service in SC, Private Pyron aided the Patriot cause as a wagon maker for the US Army at the shop of John Woods near Hillsboro, South Carolina. . His daughter Mary Pyron, who is our 4th great-grandmother, was born in Meckinburg in 1794. She was one of 12 of William and Mary Jane's children.

Private William Pyron passed away on 27 January 1850 in Mecklenburg County NC. He was 94 years old. His name appears on the bronze plaque attached to the DAR monument in front of the old Union county courthouse in Monroe, NC. He is buried at Bentons Cross Roads Baptist Church Cemetery in Union County, North Carolina.

William Calvin Pyron's Gravestone   




Moses Powell Sr. was born in 1725 in the Isle of Wight County, Virginia. He was our paternal 6th great-grandfather.

Moses married Prudence GARNER in 1760.

Moses Sr. and sons Cader, Lewis, and Moses Jr. all fought in the Revolutionary War in the Georgia militia, and were given land in Hancock Co. GA. Moses, Sr. will left to sons Moses Jr. and Benjamin, land on the Ogeechee River, salves, goods and chattels. Moses died on October 14, 1799, in Wake, North Carolina.