Bowen Family Crest
RICHARD BOWEN: The First Bowen Settler in the USA




Birth: 1594, Wales Death: Feb. 4, 1675 Rehoboth Bristol County Massachusetts, USA


Richard Bowen, our 10th great-granfather, was the first of the Bowen clan to arrive and settle in America. Buried in Rehoboth on Feb 4,1674/5. He is likely buried in Burial Hill, but this has not been confirmed. This, however, was the only burying place at that time.

Richard Bowen was perhaps born in Glamorganshire, Wales about 1594. His elaborate ancestry back several generations is pure 19th century fabrication, and has been debunked (TAG, Vol 76[2001], p.263ff), and his origins are largely unknown.

He arrived in America with his family about 1640, his name first appearing in Weymouth,MA 1642-1643. He soon removed to Rehoboth,MA, and was a signer of the Rehoboth Compact in 1644.

His first wife's name is unknown, but she was presumably the mother of all of his children. She likely died after arriving in America. She was not Anne Bourne, and her existence as Richard's first wife is a fabrication that was debunked in the same TAG article mentioned above.

His second wife, married November 1648 in Weymouth,MA, was Elizabeth ____ Marsh, the widow of George Marsh of Hingham,MA. Her supposed maiden name of Key has not been substantiated.

Children(by first marriage): Alice Bowen Wheaton, William Bowen, Sarah Bowen Fuller, Ruth Bowen Kendrick, Obadiah Bowen (our 9th great-grandfather), Richard Bowen Jr, and Thomas Bowen.

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First Spouse: Unknown
Second Spouse: Elizabeth Key Marsh (1590 - 1675)

Alice Bowen Wheaton (1620 - 1699)*
William Bowen (1622 - 1687)*
Richard Bowen (1623 - 1722)*
Sarah Bowen Fuller (1624 - 1676)*
Thomas Bowen (1625 - 1658)*
Obadiah Bowen (1627 - 1710)* (Our 9th great-grandfather)
Ruth Bowen Kendrick (1629 - 1688)*