May 10, 1843 - December 14, 1915

William J. Bartell was born in New York City, NY, on May 10, 1843 to John and Augusta Bartell, from Bavaria, Germany. John was a shoemaker. That was all that could be found of William's parentage, from Census records. When he was just 20, William volunteered to serve in the 11th Michigan Cavalry, during the Civil War, and served until the end of the war, promoted to Sergeant, then Corporal. When William was 23, he married 17-yr-old Celia Harland on Oct 7, 1867, in Ganges, Michigan, by Amos D. Allen, Justice of the Peace. Witnesses were Frank Harland and Frank Wagner, both of Kalamazoo, Michigan.William was always civic-minded. By party, he was first registered as an Independent, and then as a Republican. He served as Voting Precinct Supervisor on a regular basis, was a County assessor and state delegate for the Republican party, representing the Pleasant Valley, Saline, Kansas Township. His faith was listed as Baptist.According to several census records, William's profession was listed as "Painter". The Bartells lived in Michigan for a number of years, until moving to Kansas to settle. They had 4 children: Frank, Ella, Minnie and Gertrude (our great-grandmother, who married our great-grandfather Louis/Lewis Hagler). William served his country and his community, up until he had a stroke on December 11, 1915; he passed away in Hedville, KS., on Tuesday, December 14, 1915 at 7:15 PM, leaving behind his widow Celia (who died 5 years later), and his four children and several grandchildren.



How are we related to William J Bartell?
William J. Bartell (1843 - 1915)
is our 2nd great grandfather

Gertrude Bartell (1881 - 1953)
is the daughter of Wiliam Bartell (our great-grandmother)
Arlo Louis Hagler (1907 - 1949)
is the son of Gertrude Bartell (our grandfather)
Louis Arlo Hagler (1930 - 2004)
is the son of Arlo Louis Hagler (our father)

Union Army Civil War Enlistment paper
William J Bartell's Gravestone
William and Celia Harland's Marriage Record

Pension Muster-Out Roll #1 (1885)
Download the 11th Michigan Cavalary Roster, with William Bartell's Name highlighted in the inset).
Pension Muster-Out Roll #2 (1885)
Civil War Portrait Photo
11th Michigan Cavalry Reunion Booklet (large .pdf presentation- wait for file to load)
1870 Census - Bartell Family

Close-up View: 1870 Census Bartell Family

1885 Bartell Family Census

News Clips
Celia Harland Bartell's Online Memorial
Bartell Family Plot

Wm J Bartell Grave-Headstone - Side 1

Wm J Bartell Grave-Headstone - Side 2

John B. Bartell (William's Father) Headstone/Grave

Ella Bartell (William and Celia's daughter) Gravestone
Sgt. Wm. J. Bartell's Online Memorial
William J Bartell Pension Record
Obituaries for William J. Bartell