About the Author and Translator


Why translator?

I am a translator. Why? I don't know.  Probably, because ever since my childhood, it had been a surprise to me  how people manage to understand each other pronouncing what sounds to strangers like perfect gibberish.

Hence, when faced with the dilemma of which career to pursue, I sided with foreign languages without hesitation.

From sunrise till sunset, with mountains of dictionaries, I labored zealously, learning (it's never enough of what most teachers give you - mine happened to be brilliant specialists although they worked in a provincial college).

Then work came along, with what is traditionally referred to as life with all its ups and downs. Years passed by but my linguistic curiosity remained unsatisfied. To somehow appease it I had learned on my own several other languages, among them - I find it hard to believe myself - Japanese. Abilities? Mediocre. Curiosity? Unquenchable.

I have remained true to my first love once and for all. Thanks to English I had knocked a little about the world. I climbed up the Cheops's pyramid and dived in the Mediterranean. Visited the big cities of Europe and spent quite a while in the sandy deserts of Africa. I met and worked with all sorts of people - geologists, bankers, agronomists, builders, the military, brewers and nomads who were pleased with the day as long as they were alive and whole.

I have seen a lot (haven't seen a lot more) and have learned a good deal.

Many a-woe comes with much knowledge.

In the middle of my sojourn in this world I lead a busy life full of struggles. The translator's service, though highly important and oft-times needed like air, does not imply high posts and assured material benefits. Being a skilled specialist, I depend on human stupidity and petty tyranny for my means of sustenance.

But I have neither wish nor inclination to change my job for anything more exciting. I will never part with people who are dear to me. They are Mark Twain and Somerset Maugham, George Orwell and Charles Dickens. And many other remarkable people who have become my close friends and life companions in my romance with English. I am very fond of them. They, too, have some liking for me, I imagine.