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Rosanne Johnson, occasional writer and consultant
Rhias K. Hall contributed song lyrics
Mariana Enriquez is a magazine reporter from Argentina; she conducted and transcribed the Todd Haynes interview on Maxwell's Starship
Alysa Hornick transcribed the Rolling Stone article, also on Maxwell's Starship
Kay Teel operates our glorious sister site, Kay's Velvet Goldmine, residing close by in the Cosmos. Kay has contributed articles, pictures, and moral support, and if there's some piece of information you don't see on Venus, chances are you can find it in her part of the galaxy. Try our frequently asked questions page as well.

Unfortunately, my accumulation of photos began before this site went up so I cannot track down all of my sources; however, I have provided links to all the Velvet Goldmine sites that may have contributed.

Contributors Welcome! If you have artwork, postcard images, wallpaper, stories, articles, or essays to share please email me. All material is subject to approval. You will be credited and your good karma will increase tenfold.

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