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Maxwell's Starship is passing over Venus to the Sun. It's panoramic windows offer glimpses of what VG's stars are saying, and what others are saying about them.
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Shooting To Kill: How an Independent Producer Blasts Throught the Barriers to Make Movies that Matter, Christine Vachon with David Edelstein. Avon Books, New York, 1998.

A riveting, scary and inspirational book about independent film production. VG producer Vachon chronicles the making of VG
as well as Todd Hayne's Safe, I Shot Andy Warhol, Todd Solondz' Happiness, and others. Includes some fabulous production stills as well.

Glam! Bowie, Bolan, and the Glitter Rock Revolution, Barney Hoskins, Foreword by Todd Haynes. Pocket Books, New York, 1998.

The first real document of the players of glam, this is the natural companion piece to VG. Many of the real-life incidents and references fictionalized in the film, such as the infamous
"Death of Glitter" show (which really took place at the Palladium in Los Angeles in October 1974) are referenced to here.

Velvet Goldmine: A Screenplay By Todd Haynes, Todd Haynes, Foreword by Michael Stipe. Hyperion, New York, 1998.

But you must own the script, so you can correctly quote your favorite lines! A glorious read that opens with a kick-ass foreword by Stipe,
and an enlightening interview with Haynes that makes you want to go out in the streets and scream "QUEER PRIDE!" to all.

The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde, 1891.

Required reading for all VG fans, even if you read this in high school. Many of the film's best lines are taken directly from the text, and the motifs and subtexts enhance your VG enjoyment.

Bowie: Loving The Alien, Christopher Sandford, Da Capo,1998.

Based on interviews with family members, colleagues, lovers, and the previously silent William Burroughs, this unsparing yet even-handed
biography guides the reader through the many personas, crises, and musical metamorphoses of David Bowie. 30 photos. -(Reviewed by

I Need More, Iggy Pop. Two Thirteen Sixty-One, 1997.

When you want information, go to the source! An erratic book that propels you forward. And Iggy, desipite his grunginess, is a real charmer.
(For a good sense of Iggy in action, catch "Behind The Music: Iggy Pop" on VH1--highly recommended).

Transformer: The Lou Reed Story, Victor Bockris. Simon and Schuster, New York, 1994.

This book provides more background on the source for the character of Curt Wild, including the details behind the shock treatment Lou endured at age 17
as a cure for his flamboyant gender-bending. The details are suspect, and its a bit of a depressing read.

Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk, Legs McNeil, editor, Gillian McCain, contributor. Penguin USA, 1997.

Going backstage and behind closed doors to chronicle the sex, drugs, and power struggles that were the fabric of the punk community,
Please Kill Me assembles a star-studded cast of characters who relive the emergence and heyday of punk music in New York City's underground,
from Andy Warhol's Factory to the Doors, from Iggy Pop to Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground, from David Bowie to the New York Dolls.-(Reviewed by

Backstage Passes: Life on the Wild Side with David Bowie, Angela Bowie with Patrick Carr. G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1993 (Out of print-check your local library or used bookstore).
The famous book written after the gag order expired, Todd Haynes most definitely read this book to help develop the characters of Brian and Mandy; Angela proves herself to be sympathetic,
tough, and provocative, and tells many curiously familiar tales...impossible to put down!
Bowie, Jerry Hopkins Macmillan, New York, 1985(Out of print-check your local library or used bookstore). I've included this book because I think it might have been one of Hayne's
sources--so much of it resembles elements of VG. A run-of-the-mill unauthorized biography, this book nonetheless provides a good overview of Bowie's
career and personal life that may not be all true; but, as we know, histories are the fictions of empires...

Featured here are excerpts and selected photographs from the following magazines:
Village Voice, October 28 1998. By Dennis Lim. Another revealing article with Todd Haynes. Illuminating.
Interview  Dec. 1998 Interview, Dec. 1998, Jonathan Rhys Meyers: The Movies' Amazing New MaverickInterviews by Graham Fuller, photos by Bruce Weber.

Features interviews with Rhys Meyers, Toni Collette and Christian Bale. Lovely photographs, interesting and revealing interviews. For back issues call 1-800-925-9574

Premiere, December 1998. Article by Matt Mueller, Inset by Chas Turner. A delicious article that summarizes the basic structure and characters of the film.
With quotes from the actors and director, and a name-dropping inset that does a little comparison of the film vs. history. Once again, great photos and stills from the film. For back issues call (201) 451-9420
Out, November 1998. Interview by Lisa Kennedy. Interview with Todd Haynes and Christine Vachon. A discussion of VG's place in gay film history, and the film's origins.For back issues call (800) 792-2760
American Cinematographer  Nov. 1998 American Cinematographer, November 1998. Article by Chris Pizzello. This is a feature on Maryse Alberti, VG's cinematographer, and
Todd Haynes. Both speak of their inspirations and motivations behind the photography. Alberti also shot Poison, Happiness, portions of Crumb and
Paris is Burning. She's an awesome creature, and this article is refreshingly free of the "star" perspective, focusing instead on the craft of the film.
For back issues call 1-800-448-0145
Rolling Stone, November 1998. Article by David Fricke. Todd and the cast of Velvet Goldmine tell you things you may already know,
but this article is a good summation of what the film, and the movement, was all about.

Mariana Enriquez interviews Todd Haynes at the Buenos Aires International Film Festival, March 1999


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