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Velvet Goldmine: Official Miramax Site

Official FilmFour Site

TOBIS Filmkunst prasentiert-Velvet Goldmine

Kay's Velvet Goldmine-this was the first VG site to go up, and is located close to Venus; you can see it easily even in broad daylight. Please visit it! Very well organized, multilingual, and utterly fabulous.

VG Pagelet features wallpapers and winamp skins.

The Velvet Goldmine Tribute Page is a pretty site featuring a well-organized photo page and a glitterbook.

The Ballad of Maxwell Demon is run by our webring hostess. Click on Brian's lips and find a guestbook, articles, and pictures.

Velvet Goldmine-A Tribute - links to a VG role-playing game and is the home of Glimmer's Velvet Stardust award!

drydoll's VG Fansite--what gender do you prefer? Take the poll!

Velvet Goldmine Glitter Page

Velvet Goldmine...a page for stars

All that Glitters, which features the Velvet Goldmine Purity Test

Lipstick Traces A particularly classy VG fanfiction site.

The Dedicated Follower of Fashion features a tribute to VG.

Todd Haynes' Black Couch

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

The Official Christian Bale Web Site


McGregor Goldmine--another fun Ewan site. Inexplicably hard to get into--just keep trying, and you'll hit it as I did.

Pearl In The Shell

Eddie Izzard

Emily Woof Fan Site

Unofficial Guy Leverton Site

Killer Films--Christine Vachon's company.

The Glam Page

Glam!--features a detailed history of Glam Rock.


The Glamweb Webring

Ziggy Stardust Page--beautiful. Will keep you busy for hours finding comparisons. Highly recommended!

The Velvet Goldmine--Bowie

Stardust, The Unabashed David Bowie Music Guide

Marc Bolan Super Links

The Iggy Pop Home Page

Heart Still Beating--Roxy Music

About Three Dreams--Shudder to Think

This Is Hardcore -Pulp

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