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Needle In The Camel's Eye
(Brian Eno/Paul Manzanera)                 

Those who know
They don't let it show
They just give you one long glance
And you'll go oh, oh, oh, oh.

Goes to show
How winds blow
The weather's fine
And I feel so, so, so, so, so.
Performed by Brian Eno. First                       appeared on the album Here Come the Warm Jets 1971.  
"Jets" was Eno's first solo album after his highly publicised split from Roxy Music.
Birds of Prey
With too much to say
Oh what could be my destiny
Another rainy day.

Why ask why
For by the by and by,
All mysteries are just more
Needles in the camel's eye.
The Fat Lady Of Limbourg
  (Brian Eno)

Well I rang up Pantucci spoke to Lucia
Gave them all they needed to know
If affairs are proceeding as we're expecting
Soon enough the weak spots will show
I assume you understand that we have                                options on your time
And will ditch you in the harbour if we must
But if it all works out nicely, you'll get the                               bonus you deserve
From doctors we trust.

The Fat Lady of Limbourg
Looked at the samples that we sent
And furrowed her brow
You would never believe that
She'd tasted Royalty and Fame
If you saw her now


Brian Eno: Here Come the Warm Jets

But her sense of taste is such that she'll distinguish with her tongue

The subtleties   a spectrograph would miss
And announce her decision while demanding her reward   A jelly fish kiss.

Now we checked out this duck quack
Who laid a big egg oh so black it shone just like gold.

And the kids from the city finding it pretty
Took it home and there it was sold
It was changing hands for weeks
Till someone left it by their fire
And it melted to a puddle on the floor
For it was only a can  ¬°dle a Roman scandal
Oh oh and now it's a pool.

That's what we're paid for
That's what we're paid for
That's what we're paid for here.