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You are now hovering over the vapors of the Pink-Hot Planet known as Venus, devoted especially to Todd Hayne's fabulous film Velvet Goldmine. Awaiting you are strange flowers and subtle perfumes, sensuous journeys and fantastic sights . Our planet is a friendly one, and this cyberspace travel guide is dedicated to you.
"That's me! That's me, that is!" Hello to everyone who's just seen VG for the first time! Venus still gets over 600 new visitors a week, and each e-mail we receive begins "I thought I was the only one..." I am often asked why I loved the film so much, as many of my peers did not like it. Though I love the film for many reasons, I kept going back because Velvet Goldmine showed me myself on a movie screen. Watching it for the first time, the sequence in which Arthur plays the Maxwell Demon album had me in tears with joyous recognition of my teenage self, as the camera panned over his bedroom walls papered with the faces of his idols. When Arthur gives it all up to start sleepwalking through a humdrum existence, and in the end finds that to fully live he must start being true to himself and his passions, I felt as though I had taken that journey with him. Velvet Goldmine reintroduced me to a love of music that had lain dormant in the mediocre pop scene of the '90's (or so I thought, until I heard my first Suede album) and reminded me that being grown up does not mean imitating the masses, but rather, embracing the unique in myself, and learning to have fun again. Thanks so much, Todd, I am forever in your debt.

As the shimmer of Velvet Goldmine fades its gorgeous lovelies move on to new projects. Academy-Award© Nominee Toni Collette shines in the divine decadence revival of The Wild Party, and rejoins Christian Bale in this summer's "Shaft" (!)...Eddie Izzard just finished up a sold-out run of his latest show "Circus"...Todd Haynes is working on a new script...and Your Star-Pilot Curly is busily constructing a website for Film O Mat, her film production company, and has just finished editing (with Rosanne Johnson) a short video for San Francisco's Purveyors of Maximum Pop Petrol. Kay's Velvet Goldmine has more VG news to share with you, so visit and enjoy.

IF YOU LOVED VELVET GOLDMINE (and I assume that's why you're here...) you simply must see Julian Temple's new documentary about the Sex Pistols, "The Filth and the Fury". "But I saw "The Great Rock and Roll Swindle", surely there isn't any more to know about the Sex Pistols," you sneer. Ha! Think again my glittering friends, for this is the film that tell's the band's side of the story--never mind the bollocks--and uses cleverly intercut tv and news footage that puts the Sex Pistols in their proper context: not as a rock freak show but as an utterly logical and essential creation in the UK's turbulent '70s. Touches on the glam scene as both an inspiration and a target. And when the Pistols launch into the opening chords of "Anarchy in the UK" I guarantee you'll launch out of seat with sheer excitement. Not to be missed.

VENUS WINS GLIMMER'S VELVET STARDUST AWARD: Quoth Noctiluca, the shimmering webhostess: "Venus The VG Fan Planet" is a shining example of an extraordinary Velvet Goldmine site with its beautiful design and its original content that makes it refreshingly different from the rest. " You are a darling! Now be sure to visit Noctiluca's gorgeous, gorgeous site, Diamond won't be sorry, as it's well-organized, packed with fun facts and ever so lovely!

WHAT'S NEW: Still lamenting the Death of Glitter? Weep no more, Star Children, because Glam Rock (the good kind) is still alive and well and coming to a town near you! Just check out our new Glam Bands room for our favorite indie glam bands, many of whom have been personally "test-driven" by your Star-Pilot (in the musical sense, at least). And very special thanks go out to Drew, Nadezdha x, Amy Swindle (a.k.a Poxy Sugarsex), ChezBB for their contributions to this update, including a fabulous vintage Vogue picture on Diamond Meadows, makeup tips, and fabulous new links.

Have you played around yet with the Glam Name Generator? Give it a go, and be ready to assume your new persona. Your Star-Pilot Lady Miss Curly Purples already has a glamourous name, thank you very much, but friends sometimes call me Typhoon Dandypowder to keep it simple...

Didn't find what you were looking for here? Visit our glorious sister site, Kay's Velvet Goldmine.

Venus is continuously evolving, so visit often. Last updated August 12th, 2000.

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