Mountain Name, Altitude & Times Summited:

Mt Shasta 14,162'    2 of 3
Mt Lassen 10,462'    3
Mt Hood 11,245'  1 of 2
Pyramid Peak 9,983'  4
Eagle Buttress 8640'
Jacks Peak 9856'
Dicks Peak 9974'
Mt Tallac 9735'     3
Mt Hawkins 10,024'
Mt Sill 14,154'
North Palisade 14,248'
Mt Gayley 13,510
Mt Ritter 13,143'   1 of 2
Mt Dade 13,600'
Bear Creek Spire 13,734'
Mt Hoffman 10,850; 3
Thompson Peak - 9,003
Cathedral Peak 10,911
Mt Dana 13,053
Kuna Peak 13,002'
Koip Peak 12,962'
Mt Whitney 14,505'
Kaiser Peak 10,320'
Huayna Potosi 20,000'
Cerro Jankho Huyo 18,079'+
Pequeno Alpamayo 17,618'
Unnamed Peak, Bolivia  16,000'+
Mt Carrie (WA) 6995'
Telescope Peak 11,043'
Whorl Mountain  12,033'  1 of 2
Matterhorn Peak - 12,279'
North Peak Yosemite - 12, 247'

PHOTOSHOP SERVICES by Deb Wong - WongWay@Hotmail.com

Photo Restorations

If you have a photo that is scratched or worn, has cracks, pits and  other  flaws, I can scan your photo, then take out scratches, tears,  etc., and make  restored prints for you.   

Color to B&W, Sepia or Antique

 Photos can go from color to B&W or sepia/antique tone.

Restore Color

In some cases, color can be restored to faded photos.  Color is dialed in to the most natural tones, whenever possible.

Digital Restorations of Damaged Photos

Photos that have been damaged by mold, heat and other elements may find new life with my digital restorations of them. 

Photo Alterations

Includes  removing, changing, or adding  elements or people, or change of background.

Archive Your Photos

I scan and  digitize your photos, slides and negatives, and do minor clean-up on the images.  You will get your new digital files on a USB Flash Drive ($10. extra), or CD-Rom. Files can also be uploaded to Dropbox.  I can also create DVD and YouTube slideshows with your photos and music.


Like most artists, my creative works have run the gamut through the years: drawings, paintings, 3D artworks (custom stuffed animals) , comics, envelope art, photography and digital artwork created with Photoshop. Here are a few examples in slideshows.